Portworks Air Grinder

Designed and built by a professional with years of experience in the airline maintenance industry, this unique grinding and polishing tool allows you to reach around curves – and even create your own curve – by
bending to fit into tight spaces. This tool drastically reduces part and material waste and offers thousands of dollars in potential cost-savings!

Crafted of aluminum and 416 stainless steel, and featuring a 90º head that pins in place, this tool offers industrial-level strength, yet is light enough to provide ease-of-use and flexibility. Initially designed for use with aircraft, the Portworks Air Grinder is also extremely useful for all types of manufacturing needs, including cutting, porting, grinding and polishing.



  • A 22,000 RPM, 1.2 HP air motor
  • High-quality bearings [from Japan]
  • Standard air-hose connections (1/4”-1/2”)
  • 4-piece cable standard, 9-piece option
  • US-made gears and 90º heads
  • A solid, square drive shaft
  • A 1/16” Allen wrench to attach pins in place
  • Borescope mounts
  • Product color: rich metallic red with lasered logo
  • Product weight: 2.3 lbs.

Manufacturing Uses

  • Aerospace
  • Foundries/refineries
  • Industrial repairs
  • And much more!